ImageWith the introduction of the new phrase phenomenon “wifey,” we see more and more opportunities for men to insult us, but in a cute and flirty manner.  The term wifey has been defined by Urban Dictionary (a popular site used to seek out the meanings of popular slang terms used by today’s society) as such: A REAL LADY, not your only but your favorite, different from them other chicks; sexy in every way possible.  With our youth deciding that terms like these are terms of endearment, we only put ourselves at greater risk for the rise of enlightened sexism.  The picture to the left here embodies this idea of what a “wifey” or the “perfect girlfriend” is: a slim, sexy, large breasted woman who is obviously here to serve you.  Even the fact that her face is cut out shows just how shallow and sexist this idea is.  The perfect girlfriend does not need a mind of her own, nor does her voice need to be heard.  Our jobs as women, according to this mentality, to be beautiful, obedient servants who live to please our men. It is images like these, that are often spread by women as well as men, that need to be stopped in order to prevent society from slipping back into its old ways even further.